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ARTICLE - INTERVIEW WITH STEFAN KOHFAHL 2018 Hi Stefan, the year 2017 is over. Quick review, how was it for you?

Stefan Kohfahl: We delivered on the pitch and inspired thousands of kids. Next to a great coaching team, which was highly motivated and had to do lots of coaching seminars, we had innovations like our personalized Scorecard, Tracktics, Exerlights, as well as the Smartbally by Adidas. A highlight was the match in the football temple Santiago Bernabéu. For me personally it was very emotional, because a vision became reality. It was one of the few calm moments in 2017.

Which innovations can our participants expect in 2018?

Last week I received a mail from a developer of a innovate training module, who had a successful career as football school boss himself. He asked us for a meeting to present his project. His argument: Even as No.1 you always have to reconsider yourself. With that statement he ran into open doors with me. We are known as First Mover, as trendsetter and we like to do justice to that every year. So I booked the flight a few minutes later.

So you cannot tell us anything for the upcoming season 2018?

Celebrating our 5 year anniversary, we want to live up to the expectations that brands like Real Madrid and adidas promise. Sure there is great news. We bring a groundbreaking video-technology, an analysis-tool on the pitch. We will soon release further information. In addition, we will work with balls in different sizes and forms and cooperate with Corpus Rasenreich, known out of the TV-show „Höhle der Löwen“. Furthermore, we will focus more on goalkeeper training, even here we are working with the best. I cannot reveal anything yet, but it will be a media sensation! Promised! Our coaches are excited and cannot wait to get started.

Breakthrough video-technology, match-analysis and enhancement of the goalkeeper-topic - sounds like pure football, but also like performance-focus, doesn't it?

Pure football that is right, but that is what our kids want. We have the doors open for everyone and every football interested kid will have a place and fun here. We never forgot our premise: conveying sportive, social and cultural values. With Football and Real Madrid we have a special access to the kids. They listen to us and we put a lot into our clinic-week, which they can take with them. The ones who give it their all, get recognition, no matter their football performance.

The best scores on the scorecards qualify for the next level, the national tryout and at the end can even get to play a game in the Bernabéu?

The sportive advancement is our unique selling point in the football clinic sector. The kids give everything and in the end there should be more than a pat on the back in recognition. However, the assessment also includes social skills. The categories are attitude and experience. We expect respect and discipline from the players and opponents, winning and losing and - most importantly - we ask the experienced players to support the non-experienced players. They have to take a leading role, carry others along and not criticize or even bully. It all flows into the evaluation and with the Best Teamplayer award, which is rewarded in every clinic, you can get to Madrid with only your „social skills“.

You met our FRMC-ambassadors Toni Kroos, Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema, Keylor Navas, Marcelo and many more Real Madrid Superstars and shot with them. How was that?

Toni Kroos and Gareth Bale are our ambassadors and shot the key visual with three kids of ours. Toni is with us from the very beginning and a role-model. He is always friendly, pleasant and very respectful. By the way, this applies to all Real Madrid players and representatives. That's a credo in the club. Our next spot, which we shot, has the working title: „We are international!“

What means international in reference to Real Madrid for you?

We are responsible for 8 countries. It has many advantages. Our participants get the taste of meeting coaches from different countries. At our last coaching school in Madrid in November 2017 we had 83 coaches from Germany, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Great Britain, France, the Netherlands and Belgium. All Top-Coaches! It was a gigantic exchange of experience and know-how exchange. Unbelievably inspiring - that also applies for the training-plan 2018. Not only for the kids it is an advantage, our coaches also profit from it, because they get used all over Europe. One week in Paris, the next week in Italy or in London - or just with the TG Böckingen. Do not forget: Our English participants can also participate in every other country. We have partner clubs in great vacation spots. We are also in European metropolises, but also in the Val d’Europe (Disneyland), at the Aldiana Club in Austria or in different locations in France, Italy - all the way to Usedom and Bargeshagen. You can spend a great family vacation everywhere and the kids get the full portion of football enthusiasm. Many thanks for the talk Stefan.